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Houses for Sale Now

For more details on our houses for sale now contact our sales team on sales@ruralhouse.net or telephone on 01478612899.


Phase 2 – Plots and Houses available now 

Plot 36A – R2.5 reserved

Plot 36B – R2.5 – reserved

Plot 36C – R2.5 reserved

Plot 36D – RB3 reserved

Plot 37A – R2.5 – FOR SALE

Plot 37B – RS3 reserved

Plot 38A – RS3 semi detached – Reserved

Plot 38B – RS3 semi detached – Reserved

Plot 39 – R2 with added utility room – Reserved

Plot 40A – R2.5 reserved

Plot 40B – R2.5 reserved

Plot 41 – RB3 reserved

Plot 42 – RB3 reserved

Plot 43 – R2.5 reserved

Plot 44 – RS3 reserved

Plot 45A – RS2 semi-detached – reserved

Plot 45B – RS2 semi-detached – reserved

Plot 46A – RS2 semi-detached – FOR SALE

Plot 46B – RS2 semi-detached – FOR SALE


Have a look at our Site Plan for more information.

For those who are looking to move straight away, we have two properties currently under construction and ready to reserve.  We also have the newly re-designed semi detached RS2’s, ideal starter or retirement homes, with two bedrooms and lovely open plan living, kitchen-dining areas.