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Innovative Timber Homes

Innovative and contemporary homes built and tested for you on the Isle of Skye.

R.House are an award winning house building company based on the Isle of Skye.

R.House is a new, innovative concept in rural living, developed and delivered by architects Rural Design and James MacQueen Builders. The R.House home was conceived out of need, to withstand the natural elements, provide high quality, inspirational design and to be faster than a more traditional build – a simple solution for new housing in the Highlands and Islands of Scotland.

What is R.House?

Designed by Rural Design with a choice in mind R.House provides a unique opportunity for you to create a home tailored to an individual or family lifestyle and environment. Each R.House is characterised by a high level of design, detail and specification and is sustainably built using modular construction.

The approach to design is crisp and contemporary, grounded in an understanding of history and a respect for the environment. R.House’s simplicity and the robust materials selected to build them evoked the timeless forms of traditional Highland barns and steadings. This simplicity and respect for the landscape means that R.House can nestle comfortably in any site.


A key element of the R.House approach to building is sustainability and energy efficiency. Designing homes with high levels of insulation and airtightness passes direct savings onto all R.House owners year on year. This commitment to sustainability and innovative design enabled us to win the prestigious Saltire Society’s ‘Innovation in Housing’ 2012.

How is an R.House Built?

Each R.House is built by James MacQueen Builders using modular off-site construction. This process is substantially quicker than a traditional build approach and importantly is highly cost effective. The use of modular contruction provides a range of different options for potential homeowners and a simplistic, practical layout.

Each R.House comes complete, ready for you to move in. In practical terms an R.House provides;

  • Firm priced service with costs fixed prior to build
  • An option to select a plot
  • Fully managed design and build service
  • An option to customise your R.House
  • All interior decoration
  • High levels of insulation and air tightness, reducing running costs and increasing energy efficiency
  • Contemporary award winning design